Ryan Bliss is a consumate fantasy artist. Known world-wide, his works can be found at his site: DigitalBlasphemy.com. He creates wonderful desktop wallpapers, and he also offers a "user gallery" where artists from all over the Internet display their creations. He specializes in using World Builder, LightWave 3D, Poser 4, Vue d'Esprit, Photoshop, Spiralizer, and Elefont. As you can tell, I adore his work...especially his space scenes. It's worth a visit to his site to view these works on a larger scale so you can see the wonderful detail I can't display here. He is a truly gifted digital artist.

"Star Birth"

"White Magic"



"Blue Forest"


"Titan Blue"


"Planet Fall"


"Autumn Fire"


More Coming...

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