Arnold Boecklin 1827-1901

Arnold Bocklin (his name is found spelled with or without an e because of the character you see above in the title graphic) was a Swiss painter, but most of his life was spent in Italy. With Feuerbach he led the group of painters known as "German Romans," who attempted to express an idealistic philosophy through art. Bocklin was an important painter of symbolic and mythological subjects. His carefully constructed works are largely classical in theme and often theatrical in sentiment. Art historians have always found it difficult to classify this original, proud, and somewhat eccentric painter. Take notice of the above picture, it is a self portrait, and if you look closely you'll see he painted death playing the fiddle behind him.

"The Isle of the Dead"

"The Sacred Wood"

"Pan Among The Reeds"

"The Adventurer"

"The Birth of Venus"

"The Calm Sea"

"Diana's Hunt"


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