Jonathon Earl Bowser

Jonathon Earl Bowser's speciality is what I term "Goth-Art". I don't usually care for this type of work, but he exhibits such an obvious love for the female form I decided to include his work. Thats not a put-down of Gothic Fantasy Art, its simply a matter of taste and preference...and this is, afterall, my Being an old "womens libber" he focuses on a little more T&A than I'd prefer, but he does it somewhat tastefully. Bowser describes his work as "Mythic Naturalism". His gallery can be viewed at:

"Invariance and Enlightenment"

"A Beckoning Light"

"The Master and His Pet"

"Isis, Child of Earth and Sky"

"Phantom of the Falls"


"Mistress Darkness"

"Waiting For Parsival"


"Angel of Capricorn"

"Forest Light"

"Eurynome and Ophion"

"The Awakening"

"Goddess of the Tides"

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