Amy Brown

Amy Brown is a Pacific Northwest American fantasy artist that captures "the Fae" at its finest. As a young woman she was influenced by the works of Brian Froud and Alan Lee, and her love of faeries grew. I asked Amy if I could include her works on this site and she generously agreed. I am fortunate to own pictures you'll see displayed here entitled "Tatiana" (Queen of the Faeries), and also "Willow the Wisp". I left them rather large so you could see her wonderfully subtle use of color. The following quote appears on Amy's Web Site: "I try to keep things simple so the viewer's eyes and mind are allowed to create their own reality. Every viewer has a different story to go with what they see. Often they pick up on things in the paintings that I never even realized were there..." -Amy Brown. If you are interested in exploring her work further her web site address is:


"Tatiana" (I own this print and it has to be my favorite...)

Autumn Siren

"Autumn Siren"

Morgan Le Fey

"Morgan Le Fey"

Blue Moon II

"Blue Moon II"

Rhiannon II

"Rhiannon II"

Bad Dragon!

"Bad Dragon!"

Whispers of Spring

"Whispers of Spring"





Companions II

"Companions II"

Dragon Wings

"Dragon Wings"

Hummingbird Dream

"Hummingbird Dream"

Shaman II

"Shaman II"

Water Emeralds

"Water Emeralds"

Dark Elf

"Dark Elf"

The Summer Face

"The Summer Face"



Willow the Wisp

"Willow the Wisp"

(I'm lucky to own this copy as well)

Just One of Those Days

"Just One of Those Days"



Window To Autumn

"Window To Autumn"

More Coming...

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