Alexsander Danel

And Now a Little Modern Art...

Alexsander Danel was born in Estonia in 1940. He graduated from the Moscow Industrial Arts School and the Moscow Fine Arts Academy. Danel earned many prestigious awards in the former Soviet Union, including "Best Work of the Year", 1973, for his monumental sculptures commemorating the history of the Russian Wars. He spent a year in Rome working with Fellini on set designs for "Aida" and "Casanova". In 1976 he emigrated to the U.S. and worked on commissions for Rockefeller Plaza and Radio City Music Hall in New York. His work carries a strong emphasis on sculptural planes, while remaining fluid and graceful.


"Walking Panther"

"Deco Nuit"

"Moonstruck II"

"Du Soir"

"Sultry Awakening"

"Torso of a Nude"


"Seated Nude"


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