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Magick Through Gemstones and Crystals

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AGATES- Montana Agate with natural pattern resembling a bird perched on a branch
Agates are the workhorse of the stone world, always stable and reliable. They promote peace, grace, good health, happiness, good luck, intelligence, victory in games, and longevity. One who looks upon an agate tells the truth and is aided in remembering. Agates are grounding and gentle, for they are protection stones. They enforce strength, victory and ground you with the earth. They sharpen sight, illuminate minds and assist in discovery. Their astrological associations are Taurus and Gemini. They can help with luck. For example they can assist you in games of chance or betting. Get one and go to so you can test the fortune this stone brings you. Most of the bets there you try for free because of the constant bonuses and offers they do, meaning it will be a perfect benchmark of luck.

BANDED AGATES- The Banded Agates have layers of agatized quartz, giving the appearance of bands or stripes. Strong protectors, reinforcing your strength and providing protection if you are very sensitive. Banded Agate Helps one to obtain extra courage in the face of adversity or energy to face stress.

BLACK & WHITE AGATES- Guards against physical dangers.

BOTSWANA AGATE-Botswana Agate Protection for the super-sensitive (especially in crowds). Strengthens sexual energy. It can ease the pain of loneliness, help with emotional understanding, and liberate mental feelings. It is thought to strengthen the immune system.

LACE AGATES- Aid attitudes - Eases depression and despair. Their energy is circular and flowing. Lace agates do not protect, they encourage and support.

BLUE LACE AGATE-Blue Lace Agate Wear or carry for peace and happiness. Calms the emotions and mind, for it washes away mental clutter. It is thought to work on the thyroid. Brings balance and attunement to the senses.

MEXICAN LACE AGATE- Bolsters and strengthens your attitude.

WHITE LACE AGATE- (also called "Happy Lace")- It can support optimism and elevate your thoughts.

PINK LACE AGATE- Adds to your happiness by helping you to balance your attitude.

MOSS AGATES- They appear to have "growing plants" inside, and can be found as red, green, fern, plume, and the white and green tree agates. A good "cleanser" for almost any cause, for they clear not only your personal energy system, but also they strengthen in times of stress. A good aura protector which can neutralize fear and free the mind. Stimulates universal love, contacts with spirit guides or unseen entities. It can help with connection to the Earth and the land; therefore it is a popular gardener's talisman.

PLUME AGATE-A popular Southwestern stonethat has a firey red, grass-like plumage that shoots through the stone like a sunburst. Encourages creative visualization, and it can aid in keeping focused.

DENDRITIC AGATE- One or the most powerful protective stones for travel, for it can prevent you from getting fatigued or having an accident when traveling down the highway. Put one in your suitcase or car. Carry in your pocket or purse when traveling by air.

ALEXANDRITE- (named for Tzar Alexander)

Alexandrite on a silver background The exact same Alexandrite on a gold background

The true birth stone for those born in June and got Pearl pawned off on them, *grin* Alexandrite is very rare and extremely expensive. It is a greenish form of Chrysoberyl, and it's color changes with the angle of viewing and the type of light. A classic example is shown here with these two photos. The photo on the left is the same exact stone as the one on the right, but because its on a different background, with light and color affecting it, the stones look entirely different. (Alexandrite is the best known example of a gemstone that changes color depending upon the light it is viewed under). It is thought to aid in internal and external regeneration, and have a positive influence on the nervous system, spleen, and pancreas. Alexandrite helps to align the mental and emotional being. Use Alexandrite in workings involving spiritual tranformation and regeneration. It is also used for healing, balancing, centering, and to boost self esteem.

AMAZONITE- (also called Microline, and "Hope Stone")
A feldspar mineral that aids in managing daily stress by dispelling fear and worry. Soothing to the central nervous system, it is also a very relaxing stone. Use it to handle anguish and anger for it promotes a very pacifying subtle energy. **Avoid using Lodestone with Amazonite. The lodestone will take out the universal life force of the amazonite.


Amber is known to mineralogists as succinite, from the Latin succinum, which means juice. It is made up of fossilized conifer (tree) resin from millions of years ago. Heating amber will soften it and eventually it will burn, and it can be scratched easily so be careful of how you carry it if you own a valuable piece. (There is a lot of fake Amber being sold) Balls of amber were used to remove lint from clothing because of the ability to generate static electricity by rubbing. (not Magick related but interesting :) Amber beads have been found in 4000 year old graves near Stonehenge, England. Can you tell I collect Amber? *grin* Amber possesses intense magnetic energy, and can be carried, worn, burned for incense, or rubbed for it's soothing qualities.
Real Amber with 'Inclusions', price range:$150-$200 and it's size is 32 x 13 x 9 mm To Tell real Amber from Plastic forgeries... One of the simplest non-destructive tests that you can do yourself is to clean and taste the specimen. Carefully washing with soap and water, then with just water, should leave a clean specimen ready for this test. Lick the specimen slowly several times, allowing the subtle taste to linger. It should be extremely subtle - real amber has almost no taste at all, leaving at most a very slight, tingly sensation. This "taste" may actually be just a touch sensation, not a true response of the taste buds. Most plastic or other polymer forgeries, on the other hand, carry a distinctly nasty taste that screams, "Imitation!" Then theres the salt water test: Amber will float or be buoyant in sea water or salt saturated water. Imitations of Amber will sink in salt water. To some, Amber is an investment. I saw one piece on the net, containing a lizard, that was one very expensive piece of Amber! (Wouldn't we all like $138,000.00 to blow on a small slice of tree resin?) *grin*

An Amethyst Geode Cut in Half Cut Amethyst Amethyst has been given more honor by the Ancients than any other semi precious stone. Popular among the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, English, and even Jewish Priests wore it to symbolize spiritual power, it was their number one choice in stones on their identity breastplates. Amethyst opens up spirituality and second sight. Wear it to get in touch with your own intuition, feelings, and values. Use Amethyst to help fight against temptation to overindulge. It is a good stone to use as an aid in meditation and to lift your spirits. Amethyst is also used to attract love, good luck, and be a protector against negative sorcery. Amethyst's astrological associations are Aries and Aquarius.


Aquamarine The name means "water of the sea", which is what the Romans called it. Aquamarine has a very calming, soothing effect on the nervous system. It is the perfect stone to wear when traveling over water.This stone is associated with Sea Goddesses, and it is used for increasing psychic abilities. Aquamarine has been used for relief of stomach disorders, as a diuretic, and it has also been used for toothaches. Aquamarine should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

AVENTURINE- (also called "Indian Jade")

Aventurine Aventurine can be found in South America, Russia, and India. It is a quartz-like rock and the color range is: green, blue, orange, and red. It sometimes contains crystals of Mica which give the stone a metallic iridescence. Aventurine is considered to be an opportunity stone-often used as a gambler's amulet, for it is believed to bring money and luck. It is often associated with healing diseases of the eyes.

GREEN AVENTURINE- (also called "Stone of Heaven")

A healing stone that can bring balance to the heart and mind. It is thought to augment opportunities and motivation, and is a prosperity stone. Along with increasing psychic powers, it stimulates creativity and expression.


Azurite Azurite is usually found in Copper deposits, and it is often found mixed with Malachite. Use it for insight, to clear your thoughts, and to obtain mental control over your emotions and reactions. Azurite is associated with divination.It is a good rubbing stone just like Amber.

BLOODSTONE- (also called Heliotrope)

Bloodstone Bloodstone is a member of the Jasper family. The red specks found in it are Iron. Most Jaspers are considered rock, while Bloodstone is sold as semi precious stone. It has more legend associated with it than any other Jasper. One of the earliest stories tells of Christ's wounds of crucifixion dripping onto the ground and turning to stone, thus the name. Long before that time this stone was known as Heliotrope, which means "Sun turn". It was used extensively by ancient Egyptians and Greeks as a healing stone. It was powdered and mixed with honey for tumors and hemorrhaging, and it was soaked in cold water and placed on the body to improve circulation. It can be used as an amulet to prevent injury or disease. Heliotrope is a powerful "turn-over" stone, for it is a strong energy mover. It can remove blocks, allowing you to move forward. It is said to bring friendship, calm angry people, and be protective against negativity and depression. Healers from all walks have used this stone for many purposes, and it's known best as a healing stone. Bloodstone's astrological associations are Scorpio and Pisces.


A highly evolved mineral healer, Carnelian has become one of the power stones of the ages. Carnelian is a variety of agate, and it's color can vary from the clear orange to red brown. Most of the "Carnelians" being found today on the market are agates of Brazil bathed in a solution of iron nitrate in order to control their color. (It is stained "chalcedony" from Brazil or Uruguay). Since antiquity, Carnelian was used to make cameo and intaglio. Carnelian is placed in the sun to change brown tints to red. The best quality Carnelian comes from India. It is said to bring luck, protection, and courage. Carnelian is used for clear thinking, and it is said to help balance creativity and mental processes. Carnelian is a soothing stone, and is a symbol of joy, peace, happiness and serenity. Carnelian can have a very positive influence on people who find difficulties to manage their affairs due to lack of stability. It can also help connect us with the Earth and establish our link with the Universe.

Cats Eye, Tigers Eye, or Tigers Eye in it's natural state

Cats Eye (I will refer to it as such rather than say "TigersEye", "Falcons Eye" everytime) comes from Star Chrysoberyl or Crocidolite. Crocidolite that causes the "chatoyancy" in Tigerseye is normally blue. (Oxidation changes it to a brown color). Unoxidized Tigerseye is called Hawkseye, and is blue. Cats Eye can help curb impulsiveness and help you "see" what's ahead. It is an aid to decision making and creative stimulation. It is a good stone for promoting wealth and money. This is another soothing stone that is optimistic, and it also assists courage and strength.

Chalcedony Crystals Stalagtitic chalcedony from Tampa Bay, Florida, neighborhood :o)
Chalcedony is a general name given to translucent quartz agates which have speckles, plumes, or striations. It is useful for balancing the energy of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Chalcedony can contain patterns of humus or plant debris calcified within it, and this gives this agate additional Earth elemental energy properties. Because of the nuturing energy within the stone, it can alleviate hostilities, melancholy, and irritability. Chalcedony enhances responsiveness, and receptivity. It is said it can be used to improve the assimilation of minerals into the body, and also to help combat placque and build-up of materials in the veins. I hope all of you get to see or own a Luna Agate (Chalcedony) at one point or another..they are not only beautiful, but very useful in connecting your mind to your feelings.

Cinnabar is VERY poisonous, and is the principal ore of mercury
Cinnabar is VERY POISONOUS, and is the principal ore of Mercury (It is Mercury Sulfide). Extreme caution should be undertaken in possessing this mineral. Cinnabar was in high demand by Alaskan gold miners during the gold rush. The miners heated the cinnabar to release it's Mercury. They collected the liquid metal and placed it in the bottom of their sluice boxes. Fine gold, which would otherwise be washed through the sluice box, was captured by the Mercury in a process called "amalgamation". Cinnabar is photo sensitive, and exposure to light over time will darken this mineral. Well shaped crystals are uncommon, and the "twinned" crystals are considered classics among collectors. Cinnabar is a power stone and can be used against negativity by the Cinnabar absorbing the negative forces. Cleanse your Cinnabar regularly.

Chrysocolla in it's natural state
Chrysocolla is usually found in oxidized zones of Copper deposits. It is a stone for prosperity, luck, and business astuteness. The power of this stone can act like a balance scale to stimulate the mind and relax the emotions at the same time. It reacts upon your analytical and intuitive abilities. Because it's a Copper gem it can open bottled emotions that block the mind from thinking clearly. Try keeping one of these stones in your work area, for it's balancing effect can improve the results of your work.

Coral in the Wild-where it should stay!
For this section I only have a strong environmental statement: PLEASE DON'T ADD TO THE WORLD'S CORAL REEF DEPLETION BY BUYING NON-CAPTIVE RAISED CORAL. If you are in doubt, just don't buy it! I am a seventh generation South Florida native who has watched our reefs die one by one NEVER to come back. I've made a separate page for a world map showing the devastation of the reefs. All you have to do is click and look-it doesn't take long.Click here for a Wake-Up Call

Crystals are comprised of Quartz, and Rock Crystal is the clearest form Crystals in their natural state
About the picture to the right: From Brazil, this highly faceted rock crystal egg is 7,000 carats, and is on display at The Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection. Crystal is a strong energy conductor. The clearest Crystals are comprised of Rock Quartz, and they have been used throughout the ages for their elevating properties. The Greeks named it krystallos, meaning "ice" because they thought it was water frozen forever by the gods. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the color spectrum by refracting sunlight through a natural crystal. Its easy to see why the ancients thought the Sun and light universe were housed in a perfect Crystal. They can be an all around self-energy generator and light balancer. Don't mistake silicon or sand crystals for rock crystals, for they are man-made glass, and not as effective. Crystals from Vienna are called Aurora Crystals. Crystals are one of the most powferul energy generators in the gem world. They are all around healers and promote skin rejuvenation.

White Diamond
Diamond is the hardest known substance, thanks to its exceptionally strong crystal structure. Diamond is also the best known conductor of heat, better than any metal, which makes it cool to the touch. It goes without saying it carries the crown of the gem world, and besides the white Diamond it comes in colors such as blue, yellow, pink, and champagne. Diamonds are crystals of pure carbon, the element that is the foundation of life as we know it. This pure crystalline form has no life of it's own, giving the Diamond the lone property to absorb all energies. Due to this property, you should clean your Diamonds often to rid them of any negative energies they absorb. Diamonds are associated with attracting power, friends, love, innocence, and the security of love. Diamonds are excellent for reconciling differences between those who have quarreled because this stones represents peace and fidelity. Diamond's astrological associations are Aries and Leo.

Emerald in it's natural state is beautiful

Emeralds are the most famous of the Beryl family. Named for the Persian word for green, this stone has always been surrounded by deep mystery. The Greeks dedicated this stone to the Goddess Venus, believing it ensured security in Love. Its always been considered a great, insightful prophecy stone. The light energy of an Emerald can aid you in strengthening your memory, enhancing your speech, and can act as a natural tranquilizer when you are worried or your mind is troubled. Emerald, as a green stone, is also advantageous for business and money ventures. It is said it aids perception and inner clarity. They are also associated with healing diseases of the eyes, and problems affecting eyesight. Emerald is a useful stone for returning negative spells back to the sender. Emerald's astrological associations are Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer.



The name Fluorite is from the Latin "fluere," which means "to flow". Use it as a cleansing, grounding stone. Flourite is an energy stone that is good for balancing and focus. Some use it as a healing stone, for Fluorite strengthens tissues such as teeth and bones. Use Fluorite to harness energy, bring about positive outlooks, and cleanse the path to higher planes.

Garnet is a beautiful stone

The name Garnet is derived from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate. Very appropriate name if you've ever seen the inside of a pomegranate. Garnets are used for protection, healing, and strength. The most common Garnets are the Almandine or the Rhodolite types. (the Rhodolite has a much more "purplish-red" color to it) In olden days Garnets were believed to cure fever and promote good health, and Garnets were worn for protection by travelers. The Garnet symbolizes fire, faith, truth, grace, consistancy, and fidelity. It is worn to enhance bodily strength, endurance and vigor. Garnet also attracts understanding and sincerity. If you and a friend or loved one have to part for a duration of time, exchange a Garnet to assure you will meet again. Garnets can act as strong help to assist in balancing your energy system and uplift your attitude. Garnet's astrological associations are Aquarius and Capricorn.

A polished Geode half

The word Geode is derived from Greek word Geoides which means "earthlike", a reference to their rounded shape. A Geode is a sphere-shaped rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals. A Geode which is completely filled with small compact crystal formations such as Agate, Jasper or Chalcedony is called a nodule. Often called "Thunder Eggs", Geodes usually contain bands of Jasper or Agate surrounding their hollow crystalline centers. Geode is Iowa's state rock (one of the most productive and famous collecting regions is encompassed within a 35-mile radius of Keokuk, Iowa). Geodes stimulate independant thinking and freedom of spirit. Due to their crystalline nature, Geodes are good energy generators and can help stimulate good work habits. Place a Geode on your desk to increase your productivity.

HEMATITE- Hematite

Hematite's name comes from the Greek "hema" for blood, (as in hemoglobin). Hematite is a mineral, and is the most abundant ore of Iron. The Egyptians made extensive use of Hematite as amulets, and the "head rest" and the "carpenter's stone" were made of Hematite. Hematite was used in seals as early as 2500 B.C. It was once used as mourning jewelry. Native Americans used Hematite to make "face paint" called red ochre. Rouge, a widely used polishing compound, is powdered Hematite. Being an iron oxide, Hematite is somewhat subject to rusting. It is known as the "male love stone." Hematite is a stone of courage, energy, and optimism. It is said that Hematite brings good fortune to those addressing higher ups.

JADE- Green Jade A 5 pound block of Green Jade
Jade comes in many colors, but the most common is green. Far back in recorded history the Chinese associated green Jade with occult wisdom. Since Jade was a stone to help inspire the mind to make a quick and precise decision, the ancient trader would often hold this gem in the palm of his right hand while he engaged in transactions. The Greeks used the soothing and healing color of the stone for more direct physical applications, most particularly for ailments of the eyes. Jade Amulets are rather common findings among the tombs and burial chambers of Egypt. Carry a piece of Jade for getting things to work for you practically. Try to find a Jade Scarab to symbolically represent for you a long, prosperous life, filled with luck and love. A piece of Jade can also work as a philosopher's stone to stimulate your wisdom and desired goals. Jade is useful for bringing good luck, and for protection from disease or evil. Jade's astrological associations are Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius.

Jasper Picture Jasper
Jasper comes in many colors and patterns. It is used by Native Americans as a rubbing stone, and some called it the rain bringer. Jasper is a centering, balancing, and grounding stone that can help you stabilize your fears and insecurities. Jasper is a good stone for protection from pain and to guard one's independence. It brings it's wearer good fortune and protection from controlling forces. Jasper's astrological associations are Virgo and Sagittarius.

LAPIS LAZULI- Polished Lapis A large block of Lapis Lazuli

The name is from the Arabic word lazaward, meaning "heaven", and Lapis Lazuli is also called Lazurite or just plain Lapis. In ancient times Lapis was used to create the pigment "ultramarine" which was used in both eye adornment and in art. Use Lapis in rituals to attract spiritual love, and to get in tune with your psychic awareness. Its also a useful stone to attract powerful and highly evolved spirits. Lapis Lazuli's astrological association is Sagittarius.

MALACHITE- Polished Malachite A large block of Malachite
Malchite is a "Copper mineral" usually found around Copper deposits. It's name refers to it's green color and is from the Greek word "moloche". Malachite "Eye Stones" were used as third eyes to ward off negative energies outside self. (Ancient lore tells that if danger approached it's wearer it would break into pieces to warn it's owner). Use Malachite to promote inner peace and hope. It will aid in your business success through it's practical expedient of warding off undesirable business associations. Protection and inner security, the major actions of Malachite, go hand in hand.


A Polished Moonstone Cabachon Moonstones are usually cut into cabachons because this allows the layers (also called shillers) to reveal their beautiful adularescence or luminescence. Moonstone is a Lunar stone, and many believe it's shillers follow the cycles of The Moon, La Luna. Use Moonstone to evoke Diana, Selene, or Hecate because it is a goddess stone. Cunningham suggests using Moonstone for Love Spells. Moonstone has the qualities of protecting love and inspiring tender passions. Use Moonstone to get in touch with your feminine self, and heighten psychic awareness. Moonstone's astrological association is Cancer.

Polished Obsidian Rainbow Obsidian
Obsidian is "volcanic glass" formed by rapid cooling of lava (known as "black glass" it comes from volcanic action that quickly cools with no crystal structure). Small nodules of Obsidian are called "Apache Tears". An 1800's legend tells that Apache Tears are the hardened tears of the Apache Women who cried as they watched their brave Warriors avoid capture by the calvary by leaping off the buttes of a great mountain now called the Apache Leap. Native peoples used Obsidian for arrowheads, spears, and knives. The rarest Obsidian is Rainbow Obsidian which exhibits all the colors of a rainbow. Obsidian is used for scrying, and it is associated with the inner mysteries of the Goddess. Use Obsidian for grounding, centering, and protection. Apache Tears are excellent good luck charms. Perlite, a hydrous form of Obsidian, is used as a lightweight aggregate. Use Obsidian if you feel overly troubled because of outside interferences. Never exchange your Obsidian with another person.

Odin Stones
This one's for you LD (LadyDragon is of Viking heritage) Referred to as "Odin Stones" in the Eddas (a collection of mythological poems), Odin transmuted himself into a worm and slipped through a hole in a rock to steal "the mead of poetry". These stones have naturally occurring holes caused by weather, sea erosion, or tiny shelled sea-creatures. They are used for protection and psychic awareness. (It is said that if you look through the hole in an Odin Stone by the light of a Full Moon, you may see visions or non-physical entities)

white Opal Black Opal
One of the most brittle of stones, Opals are unique due to their luminescent qualities. Opals have a wide range of colors including white, black, Mexican Fire Opals, triplets, and many others. They range in cost from "affordable" to "hock everything you own plus your firstborn" *grin*. Opals are worn to bring out inner beauty, and for healing the spirit. Scott Cunningham directs that if you wrap an Opal in fresh Bay leaves it affords invisibility. Opal's astrological associations are Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio.

White Pearl Black Pearl
A Pearl is the only precious gem that comes from a living creature....the oyster or clam, and it was the first gem in recorded history. They range in color from white, yellowish, silver (gray), brown, pink/lavendar (freshwater), all the way to black. (The Black Pearl is 100 Times More Rare than the White Pearl) Black Pearls come from the species of oyster "Pinctada Margaritafera", the giant black-lipped oyster, which flourishes in the warm lagoons of French Polynesia and the South Seas. I did find one Black Pearl necklace I thought I "could live with", and gee, it was ONLY $8,500.00! LOL! Pearl is the alleged "gemstone" we Geminis got pawned off on us because Alexandrite was unattainable. Pearl is reported to free up one's energy for more balanced love relationships. Pearls can stimulate your femininity and help you with self acceptance. Pearls exhibit energy sensitivity and can be "drained" of their lusture if exposed to negativity for too prolonged a period. Be careful of how you physically cleanse your pearls as well, as they can be damaged by soaps and harsh chemicals.

Gemstone quality Peridot Rough Peridot
Peridot, a gemstone born in fire. Small crystals of Peridot are often found in the rocks created by volcanoes and also can be found in meteors that fall to earth. It was a stone prized by Egyptian Pharaohs as adornments and protection. Peridot is treasured in Hawaii as the goddess Pele's tears. Peridot is a stone of protection, and Peridot is used to help dreams become a reality. Alchemists of old used Peridot against dark vibrations. Peridot can aid you in changing your attitude from one of fear or depression to a more positive outlook.

QUARTZ- (also, see Crystal above)

Quartz, a great energy stone, comes in many colors, and the most popular ones used in Magick are rose, clear, and smokey:

ROSE QUARTZ- Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has been valued for its properties since the ancients, and in modern times its often called Pink Quartz. The Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, Tibetans, and Greeks utilized this stone for its wonderful energy. Use Rose Quartz to boost and build your self image. Because of its self-enhancement quality, this stone can be especially good if you have a weight problem, for it will greatly foster your personal self-acceptance.

CLEAR QUARTZ- Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is often called White Quartz. Please see the Crystal section above for detailed information. Use Clear Quartz for stimulating your hopes and stabilizing your dreams. Wear Clear Quartz as an attitude aid, and for draining off any blocked areas that are preventing your dreams from coming true.

Smokey Quartz
Often called Brown Quartz, Smokey Quartz is en excellent stone to increase endurance. Use Smokey Quartz to act as an energy generator when you need that extra little boost. Wear Smokey Quartz to draw upon the energy of the Earth.

Gemstone quality Ruby, valued at $2,600.00 A Star Ruby
Ask which gemstone is the most valuable and you will get two opinions. Some consider Diamond the most monetarily valuable, and others argue that its the Ruby that is Queen. Magickally they are both invaluable. Ruby is a high energy stone. A member of the Corundum family, if nature deems it to contain rutile crystals as well, you end up with a "Star Ruby". The word Ruby comes from the Latin word for red, "ruber". Ancient Egyptians honored the Ruby for beauty, love, physical protection, and good fortune. You can use Ruby as an expression of spiritual devotion, or of lasting love. It can be used as a high energy stone for physical beauty and protection. Let your Ruby energize your spirit and aid your self-image of one who loves oneself. Ruby is a stone with the qualities of power, loyalty, and courage. Ruby is a focuser of occult energy, and it protects from trouble. Ruby's astrological associations are Leo and Capricorn.

Gem quality Sapphire A Blue Star Sapphire
Did you know that Ruby and Sapphire are the same stone? (Corundum) When it’s red it is classified as Ruby, and when it’s blue or any other color, it’s classified as Sapphire. (Although pure Corundum is colorless, blue Sapphire results from a combination of titanium and iron oxides). And just like the Ruby, if it contains rutile crystals, it becomes a "Star Sapphire". Star Sapphires have often been called stones of great destiny. (some cultures believe that the three light bars which cross to form the six points on the surface of the gem represent faith, hope, and destiny) Ancient Persians believed the earth Earth rested on a Sapphire and its reflection colored the sky, hence it's often called the "celestial gemstone". Ancient sorcerers honored Corundum because this stone allowed them to interpret oracles and foretell the future. The name Sapphire comes from the Greek word "Sapphirus" for blue. In all folklore Sapphires are associated with the attraction of divine favor to their owners, and are mentioned in every religious history. All Sapphires, crystal or star, are gems of destiny. They can contribute to your mental clarity, your perception, and your wisdom. Sapphire radiates gentleness and peace, and is good for bringing justice and truth to light. Sapphire's astrological associations are Taurus, Virgo, and Aquarius.

Confident Father by 'Shona artist' Edward Rumano of Zimbabwe, Africa...done in Green Serpentine Before I Begin: Asbestos is found in Serpentine, the "official state rock" of California. Asbestos is released from Serpentine rock when it is broken or crushed. It is also released naturally through weathering and erosion. Once released from the rock, asbestos can become airborne and may stay in the air for long periods of time. I'm sure you know Asbestos can kill you? The smart thing to do would be to use Serpentine "intact". (*See Sources at the end of Credits). Ok, now I feel I can continue with my Karma clear. (So many people place information onto web sites without considering its consequence upon others...) Serpentine is commonly found around earthquake faults. Its color ranges from light green/grey all the way to green/black. Historically, Serpentine was used as a traveler's protection stone. Serpentine makes a good relocation stone when you are moving, for it can help to ensure your security and can divert unpleasant stresses or changes. It may also be used as a protector for your personal belongings in your home. The sculpture you see representing Green Serpentine here is "Confident Father" by 'Shona Artist' Edward Rumano of Zimbabwe, Africa.

Blue Topaz Brown Topaz
Topaz possesses outstanding magnetic energy. The name Topaz is most likely derived from the old Hindu Sanskrit word "tapaz" meaning fire. Ancient Greeks called Topaz the "Stone of Strength", and believed its powers increased with the fullness of the Moon. To the ancient Egyptians, Topaz symbolized "Ra", the Sun God and giver of life. The Topaz was the second most preferred stone in the breastplate of the Jewish High Priests. Topaz comes in many colors, including yellow, blue, brown, and rose. Wear Topaz to bring inner strength and to despel negative energies such as depression, anger, and fear. Its also good for protection against colds and flu because of its ability to strengthen the breathing mechanics of the body. Put Topaz under your pillow at night to calm stress and to restore energy. Use Topaz in any Magickal working to bring light, love, and warmth into your life. Topaz's astrological associations are Aries and Scorpio.

TURQUOISE- Turquoise

Turquoise is a hydrous Copper Aluminum Sulfate combination, and the proportion of the Copper/Aluminum determines its coloration. (the more Copper, the bluer it is...the more Aluminum, the greener it is) Valued East to West, Turquoise has had quite a following. In the Far East it was called The Lucky Stone or "Turks' Stone", and a Turquoise ring was worn as a protector against all evil. The Natives of Mexico and America used Turquoise to guard burial sites, and their priests wore it when calling upon the Great Spirit. Many of these civilizations honored it as the Universal Stone, for it joined one with the force of life. Turquoise can relax your mind and ease mental tensions, by calming your emotions and stress overstimulation. You can also use it as a protective self-love stone when you feel drained by worrisome people. Some use Turquoise to promote courage, love and harmony, and to attract luck. Turquoise's astrological associations are Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius.


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