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Nagadya and Nagawonyi

When there are droughts, or the gods are being difficult, these Ugandan goddesses are asked to intercede on behalf of humans. They cause the rains to fall, allowing food to grow once more.

Nana Buukun

Nana Buukun

"I am the Spirit of Mother Africa!" That is the message of Nana Buukun, the Orisha known as "The Mother Without Children," who is the ruler of prebirth femininity. She is exclusively a goddess of women. In her Great Witch aspect she is able to kill with one touch, and her totem animal is the hyena. Yet paradoxically, having no children of her own, she is also the Great Mother of Everything. Like a devoted nanny, she cares for all aspects of the home and nurtures all of us, her children. Her priestesses are expert at shamanic journeys out of the body, so her calm presence may help those who use this important spiritual technique.


Nasilele is the Moon goddess of Zabia. Bartose and Nalozi women are buried facing west so they can be closer to her in death.

Neptune (See Poseidon)



Nike was the ancient Greek goddess Victory and Success. Her name means "Victory" in that language. Nike was the daughter of Styx. This fierce river goddess became associated with Pallas Athena by Hellenic times, although she appeared on vases and urns of much more antique origin. This image depicts Nike as "Winged Victory" and dates from 500 B.C.E. The original was found at Samothrace, and is today housed in the Louvre.


Nyale is the Creator of the Bambara people, she gives magical powers to women.


Ancient Ashanti earth mother who is the deity of death. She provides a place for her children in her womb, the earth, when they die.

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