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Ueuecoyotl is the trickster god of ancient Mexico.


Uixtocihuatl was the Aztec goddess of important commidity of life.


The water spirit of the Yakuts, Ukulan-tojon was the lord of the waters.


One of the snake ancestors of the Binbinga of northern Australia, Ulanji was said to have climbed rocks in order to bite the heads off flying foxes, and he also took out two of his ribs and his heart.


The giant stone monster which Kumarbi fathered on the Hurrian sea god's daughter, and then placed on the shoulder of Upelluri, the Atlas of Hurrian myth. Ullikummi grew so fast and huge that it reached the heavens, at which point Teshub, having failed to make any impression on the giant with his thunder and rain, fled, abdicating the throne and asking Ea for his help. Ea went to visit Upelluri who, absorbed in his meditations, had not even felt the stone giant being put on his shoulder, as he told Ea. Ea then cut the feet of the giant off from the dreaming god's shoulder, and it toppled, and its power was broken.


Ullr was Norse god of the chase, a skillful runner and a deadly bowman.


Uma (also called Parvati) in Sanskrit is "Daughter of the Mountain", wife of the Hindu god Shiva. Parvati is the benevolent aspect of the goddess Shakti and is sometimes identified with Uma. The legendary account of her marriage relates that she won Shiva's notice only after severe ascetic discipline. The couple had two children, the elephant-headed Ganesha and the six-headed Skanda. Parvati is often represented in sculpture with Shiva as an attendant figure, or looking on as he performs a miraculous feat, or engaged in a game with him in their mountain kingdom Kailasa She is always depicted as a mature and beautiful woman. The Tantras (texts of sects worshiping Shiva) are written as a discussion between Parvati and Shiva.


The sky god of the Zulu, he is a self-originating deity. He made men and the earth, and brought death to earth. Once he sent a chameleon with the message of eternal life, and a lizard with the announcement of death. The chameleon was slow and stopped at a bush to eat, so the lizard arrived first. When the chameleon arrived at last, it found that the message of the lizard had already been accepted as the correct one by men. Unkulunkulu instituted the ceremony of marriage, provided men with doctors for the treatment of diseases, and fire for the preparation of food.


The "dreaming god" of the Hurrians, on whose shoulder (unbeknownst to him) was placed the stone giant Ullikummi.


The very first of the Greek gods, the father to them all, Uranos was a sky- god, a son of Gaea, whom he later married, fathering the races of the Titans, the Hekatoncheires and the Cyclops. The Titans, twelve in number, rose against Uranos, and were defeated by him, being cast into Tartaros for their crimes. But Gaea, grieving for her sons, presented Kronos with a knife, and showed him how to wound their father fatally. This was done, the Titans were set free, and Kronos supplanted his father. Thereafter was the race of Greek gods brought into existence.


The Hindu goddess of the dawn.


King of the city of the giants, Utgard. He fooled Thor and his companions on their visit to Utgard by means related in the entry on Thor.


God of the Hottentots, Utixo is a benevolent deity who inhabits the sky, sends rain for the crops, and speaks with the voice of thunder. Utixo sent a message to his people that death would not be eternal, carried by a hare, but the animal became confused and told men that they would not rise again.

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