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The Hebrew God. The name YHVH is written with four consonants only; it is the holy Tetragrammaton, or in Hebrew, "Shem Hameforash". (Hebrew has no vowels) Vowels added later make it sound like Yehova, and it was anglicized to Jehovah. While the name Yahweh remains written in Jewish liturgy, Jews felt that an invisible, omnipresent, omniscient part of reality cannot have a name. Only titles are allowed: God, Most High, Holy one, etc. Today, among the Jews, Yahweh or Jehovah is not used. The first attempt to create pure monotheism, one God without an image, was conceived by the prophet Isaiah. Two other prophets continued to develop this concept. Habakkuk claimed that Yahweh was a righteous, loving God, and the God of all men. There was no war between Yahweh and other gods, because no other gods could exist. Jeremiah went even further with that philosophy, re-emphasizing the covenant and denouncing war. He saw God as a loving entity, more concerned about justice and peace among men.


One of the six meditation Buddhas, Yakushi-Nyorai is worshipped in Japan as the saviour who promised to cure all sickness and to obtain for mankind the remedies it needs.


Yemaya aka Stella Maris by Joanna Powell Colbert

Yemaya is Mother Water and Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea. She is the Yoruban, Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean Goddess and Orisha of mother love. Yemaya is mostly concerned with the affairs of women, children, birthing, and matters of the home. But her love is all encompassing, and she is the deep ocean of comfort for all who are in need. Sometimes pictured as a mermaid, Yemaya protects all who venture on the seas and all who invoke her name in times of trouble.

Yen Wang

The Chinese god of death.


Yin Yang

The two interacting forces that sustain the Chinese cosmos, the harmony of the universe is thought to depend on the balance maintained between these two forces...Yin is female, and seen as negative, dark, the earth, while Yang is male, positive, light, heaven.


Father of all the Norse gods, Ymir was the first Frost Giant. He was created by the mixture of the smoke and heat from Muspellheim and the ice of Nifllheim, at the beginning of the creation of the world. From his body the three brother gods Odin, Vili and Ve fashioned the Earth.

Yolkai Estsan

Yolkai Estsan is seen by the Navaho Native Americans as the goddess of the sea.


The creator deity of the Yakuts, he noticed a bladder floating on the waters, and in reply to his enquiry the bladder told him that it was the spirit of evil, the inhabitant of the ground hidden beneath the water. Then Yryn-ai-tojon demanded that the bladder bring him a sample of this earth that resided under water. The creator god then blessed this patch of earth, and sat upon it. When the evil one tried to drown Yryn-ai-tojon he was dismayed to find that the further he stretched the land, the stronger it became, until it was a full continent.

Yum Kaax

The Mayan god of agriculture.


Yulungur is the rainbow serpent god, for the water of the well in which he lives shines like the rainbow. He is the great copper python of the Murngin in northern Australia. Yulungur was roused from his great sleep by the odor of the menstrual blood of one of the women who took refuge in his cave. The great snake rose and drowned the land, and devoured the two women. However, later at a conference of snakes, Yulungur, accused of eating his kin, admitted that he had, and was told to regurgitate the two women.

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