R.C Gorman...Native American Artist

The deceptively simple, lyrical lines of his drawings provoked the New York Times to titled him "The Picasso of American Indian Art". When asked how he feels about this he says, "I feel good about it! But, maybe it makes Picasso turn in his grave." His style is uninhibited and free flowing, with a color sense that captures and captivates the eye of the beholder. There is a spontaneity in everything he does...his lithographs and drawings to cast-paper sculptures, ceramics, glass etchings, oil pastels, tapestries and bronze sculptures. His works are in many museums and he is represented by galleries throughout the United States as well as in Europe. Like many masters before him, Gorman has a love affair with the female form in art.

"Abiquio Rainstorm"

"Gala's Ring"

"Dibe Yazzie"


"Navajo Return"


"Maple Tree"

"Blue Gem"



"Esperanza II"

"Laila's Child"

"Mystic Mesa"

"Morning Glory"


"Peach Picker"

"Taos Woman"

"Harvest Jar"

"Shoshana's Bracelet"

"Maria Paloma"

"Taos Shadows"


"Maiz Azul"

"Twilight in the Grand Canyon"

"Woman at the Lake"

"New Dawn"

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