Gustav Klimt 1862-1918

Gustav Klimt founded "The Secession," (the Austrian Art Nouveau movement) which was a movement of young Viennese artists who sought a more modern painting style. His early work consisted principally of large murals (on walls) for theaters. He believed that human suffering could only be relieved through art and love. This sentiment is depicted in his most famous painting, "The Kiss." Among his most admired works is the series of mosaic murals in the "Palais Stoclet", an opulent private mansion in Brussels. Because Klimt did some of his works on walls as Friezes, I will place a "master" picture (or as much as I can fit on here...) followed by detailed close-up pictures of each "frame". (They are: Beethoven Frieze and Stoclet Frieze) Sadly, Klimt's art was attacked as pornography by the narrow-minded masses because of the time period. The last picture on this page will be: "To My Critics", which I thought was fitting...

"The Kiss (1907)"


"Beethoven Frieze: The Hostile Forces" (Main Pic)

"Beethoven Frieze: The Three Gorgones, Sickness, Madness, Death"

"Beethoven Frieze: Unchastity, Voluptuousness, Excess"

"Beethoven Frieze: The Head of Typhoeus"

"The Strong One (a knight), Ambition, Sympathy"

"The Human Yearning and Wishes"

"The Gnawing Sorrow"

"The Yearning For Luck"

"The Poetry"

"Imploring Girl"

"Hymn To Joy, This Kiss for the Whole World"

"The Arts"

"The Stoclet Frieze: The Fulfillment"

"The Stoclet Frieze: Life Tree"

"The Stoclet Frieze: The Expectation"

"Beech Forest"

"Judith I"

"Water Serpents"

"Love, 1895"

"Acqua Mossa"

"Birch Forest"

"The Hope I"

"Allegory of Sculpture, 1889"

"Nuda Veritas"

"Portrait of Emilie Floge"

"The Idyll, 1884"



"To My Critics"

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