Native American Artists

This page exhibits a collection of various Native American artists such as: Del Iron Cloud, Alvin Amason, Tony Abeyta, David Eagle Horse, Donald Montileaux, Eldon Three Stars Sr, Richard Red Owl, Rex A BeGaye, JoAnne Bird, Roger Broer, R.C. Gorman, Diana Elizabeth Stanley, Dana Tiger, and many more. The collage above contains a photo of actor Eric Schweig (Last of the Mohicans) because he is a true artist. He makes beautiful Inuit ceremonial masks.

Hear Me Oh Great Wakan
Alone with my thoughts
As I walk among the trees
I listen to Mother Earth
As she speaks within Skan's breeze.
She reminds me to see my strengths
And to walk my path with pride
To place my footsteps carefully
And with nature to abide.
The many gifts of Grandfather
Surround me as I walk
The sun, the sky, the grass, the streams,
The call of Brother Hawk
How can you doubt the beauty
Of what Wakan has made
When all of it's before you
So clear in its' display?

jfaus ©copyright 2/1998

Wakan Tanka is the supreme divinity of the Lakota (Sioux) Native American people.

"Creation of Man"

By Rex A. BeGaye (Dineh Navajo)


By RC Gorman (Navajo)

"From the Four Directions"

By Dana Tiger (Muscogee Creek)

"Ghost Dance Chief"

By David Eagle Horse (Lakota Sioux)

"In Twilight"

By Donald Montileaux (Lakota Sioux)

"Night Stories"

By RC Gorman (Navajo)

"You Shot Some Smiles Into My Dog"

By Alvin Amason (Aleut)

"Young Woman"

By Richard Red Owl (Lakota Sioux)

"Escape Red Earth"

By Rex A. BeGaye (Dineh Navajo)

"Power From Within"...and "Tread on Us No More"

By Del Iron Cloud (Lakota Sioux)

"Sacred Vision"

By Eldon Three Stars, Sr. (Lakota Sioux)

"Gathering Strength"

By Dana Tiger (Muscogee Creek)


By JoAnne Bird (Dakota Sioux)

"First Feather"...and "Five Singers"
By Rex A. BeGaye

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