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Morgana's Bio...

Greetings, My name is Morgana. I am an eclectic solitary practitioner who believes everyone must find the path that is right for him or her. My friends call me Morg or Magi. I started out studying the craft in the 6th grade. It took me a long time to come out of the closet. Long before I found my final path I believed strongly in Karma, and I briefly studied Buddhism. Growing towards crone I've been leaning more left. I am an herbalist and wildcrafter, and I have about eighty herbs and roots I tend. I've always been a horticulturist, so growing herbs came easy for me. I recently moved to the deep woods in Georgia. (Seriously, no neighbors for 10 miles)

I was an art major in college and, I got my degree in graphic design. After graduation, in a nutshell: I hated the job. I next worked in law enforcement and loved it, and I started on a degree in crime scene technology. Hubby followed me to Florida for 30 years and said "Ok, now it's MY turn", so here we are in the foothills of West Ga. I'll always be a Tampa Bay gal from pioneer stock.

My art mediums of preference are sculpture, Raku, and web graphics. I love fine art, thus the gallery found on this site. My second love is music, and I usually listen to stuff others run from. (Hard, hard rock and cutting-edge sound). Someone heard me listening to Tricky's "Pre-Millennium Tension" in the computer lab at school one day and told me I was seriously disturbed. I said "Good! If YOU don't like it then I'm on the right track!" I dislike being judged and try not to judge others. I'm an animal rights activist, and thats about the only time I'll freely damage my Karma-if I see someone hurting a defenseless animal. (I used to be a wildlife rehabilitator and you wouldn't believe the horrible abuse I've seen). You can usually find me on Delphi forums, especially "Good Eats", and "The Hummingbird-Butterfly Forum". Let's see, what else? Oh yeah: I'm a chondropython addict for you herpers out there. ;o) I have one OS and one Greg Maxwell, and a Ball Python my squad rescued out of the street named Monty. I rescue cats and dogs: were down to 8 cats and 4 dogs right now (all time low). There are zero shelters here. Folks drive out and dump them in the woods to starve.

My biggest pet peeve: If you see someone about to drive drunk...please DO something to stop them. You could save a life. (Like my son below).

If you have any comments or questions feel free to e-mail me at: Morgana but please-if your intent is to "convert" me to your religion, save your time, don't bother...been there, done that...it doesn't work for me. :) Be Well!

My son

My son Gavin 07/30/68-02/22/07.. I love you G

LadyDragon's Bio...

I am Lady Dragon. I am an Old Path Eclectic Witch. If you have any questions please just ask. I do not bite and I am not evil. I don't believe in satan either. I am so glad you stopped by our site. Keep coming back, we will be adding new things all the time, who knows it may take on a life of it's own.

I live in true Northern California. I say true Northern because so many times the San Francisco Bay Area and other points in that general vicinity are referred to as Northern but they aren't! Look on a map that is part of the middle of the state. LOL Anyway, I live in behind the Redwood Curtain, as we say up here. It is also known as The Emerald Triangle (I wonder why that is??)

I have 3 children, 1 son, 2 daughters and one granddaughter, 4 cockatiels, an african grey parrot and one dog. Oh yes, and 1 husband.

My interests are varied and eclectic. I, obviously, love dragons and collect them. Not cutesy ones, however, but impressive beasts and not run of the mill, they have to have personality. I also collect other mythological beasts, unicorns (I have too many), winged horses (hard to find in sculpture form), griffins (also hard to find) but not hydras (never liked them much). I also collect teal and black glassware, but it must be functional. And of all things to collect, I collect souvenier spoons ROFLMAO.

I am also an artist like Tricky/Morgana, but I work a different venue. I do tie-dye, make beaded and hemp jewelry, sew, foundation pieceing quilting and do hand painting on shirts. I also collect images (I can't draw a lick :P). I seem to have a pretty good eye for putting together color and design, or so I have been told.

I love music, almost all kinds, except Country and Rap. I only listen to one radio station. Go to KHUM Radio and check it out. My favorite DJ is Mike the Funk Prophet, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. PST weekdays, but all of the DJ's at the station are just wonderful and do a great job. KHUM is Radio Without the Rules. You never know exactly what you will hear next.

Also on my page you will find a link to my fathers site. He is an attorney in Santa Clara, CA and he specializes in arguing jurisdiction in child custody cases intrastate, interstate and international. He has also had many cases involving child retrieval from foreign countries. He is very involved in the Hague Convention and quite knowledgable on child custody jurisdiction issues. If you have any questions in these areas, please visit his site.

Thanks so much for stopping by and remember to keep coming back. Also, please sign our guestbook. You can contact me via e-mail at LadyDragon and on Excite Private Messenger as "avadragon44".

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The following is from Morg for those who are not of the craft...

Many people ask me how a witch goes about "using" the elements, forces, and energy that make up this chaotic universe. I always tell them I can only speak for myself, for each individual must find the power and a way to harness it. I was so fortunate to learn from a very wise Buddhist Monk exactly what energy is and how it affects our very existence. He used the following example:

All things, be it person, plant, air, fire, water, thoughts, or entire universes are made up of energy. Energy can be found on various "planes" of existence, and each plane has it's own space/time continuum (inotherwords, speaking VERY loosely-it "vibrates" at a certain rate). The lower plane is the physical one and it "vibrates" much slower; therefore we can see, feel or touch it. The next plane above physical is one comprised of thoughts, spirit, or similar forces and these "vibrate" much faster; therefore they are not evident on the physical plane. The planes (in Buddhism) go higher and higher until one reaches the final plane which is Nirvana. (I often wonder if the rock group by that name knew what it meant *grin*)

In order to become one with the elements witches usually reach a meditative state drawing upon the forces and channeling them into, through, and towards the spell being worked. It is better to pull from the force and let it flow through you, rather than project your own force into a spell. Because all things are comprised of usable energy we often use herbs, oils, incense, candles, color, the planets, and many other things for spell and charm work.

Note to Christians: We believe in spirit too, just remember, one can hold a higher power sacred...but not necessarily do it the "same way". Not all paths are right for all people. Our basic premise is very similar to yours: "And Harm None" :o) May You Walk in Light, Our Friends!

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