Jim Warren

Against the Wind Album Cover A Quote from self-taught artist Jim Warren: "One morning in 1980, I had a call from the art director of Capitol Records. He said he'd seen my work and wanted me to do a painting for Bob Seger�s new album. Seger had said that he wanted horses for the cover. I told him that I didn't paint horses; my specialty was people. Not to be put off, however, he said, "You can do it. I know you can." I reluctantly agreed, completed my first painting of horses, and sent it off to Capitol Records. Over the next year, Seger�s album, "Against the Wind," went to number one on the music charts which, of course, pleased me. Then at the end of 1981, I was working in my studio when the phone rang. The Art Director for Capitol greeted me excitedly and said, "Congratulations, we won the Grammy for best album cover!"

Jim Warren has a wonderful way of expressing movement and color in order to create illusion and wonder. He paints a wide variety of subject matter, and he isn't afraid to try unusual concepts such as the series below titled "Dreamscape". (I will show the entire series side by side so you will understand his concept, then I will show enlargements so you can see the wonderful detail.

"Left: "Moonlit Romance", Middle: "Galloping Waves", Right: "Evening Comfort"

"Moonlit Romance"

"Galloping Waves"

"Evening Comfort"

"Island Dream"

"Splash of Life"


"Mother Nature"

"Girl in the See Thru Bikini"

"Stairway To Heaven"

"Wild Waters"

"7 Dolphins"

*(Note: Try to find the 7 dolphins in the painting)

"7 Horses"

*(Note: Try to find the 7 horses in the painting)

"Country Lane"

"Against the Wind"

Last, but not least: His Grammy winning album cover

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